Hot Rolled Products

Liquid steel with chemical components set; It should be rolled after being turned into Slab in Continuous Casting Plants.
Slab, which is generally 200-250 mm thickness, 800-1800 mm in width and 6000-12000 mm in length, is rolled to the targeted thickness in Hot Rolling Plants. For this, slab heating furnaces; After being heated to the rolling temperature, it is first rolled coarsely (20-50 mm) and then a series of rolls and final rolling is performed.
the flat steel which has 850 - 940 temperature after being rolled is cooled down to 580 - 750 temperature by water and is shaped as a roller.
After the roll has reached room temperature, it is shipped according to the customer's demand by being in rolls, by cutting, or being sheet flat.
Manufacture of transport vehicles (ships, trains, trucks, buses, bicycles) In the energy sector; energy transmission lines, wind power generation equipment, power plant construction, solar energy utilization equipment In the agricultural sector; in the construction of pipes used in agricultural machinery, water, channel, tunnel, dam, bridge, port construction Storage systems, silo construction, container manufacturing In the production of hot and pressurized environments, heat exchangers, manufacturing of spring boilers It can be used successfully in the construction industry, in the construction of carrier columns, in concrete transportation, mixing, molding equipment, steel buildings.