Pickled & Oiled Steel

This type of steel is cleaned by passing it through Sulfur (oxide) Hydrochloric acid or Sulfuric acid baths on Hot Rolled Roller surfaces and then lubricated with protective oil to prevent oxidation again. Acid Cleansed steel metal is prepared as roll, or sliced according to demand.

Hot rolled, acidified and lubricated grades are especially used for bending, drawing and deep drawing. These products do not require precision surface quality but; they can be used in all applications that require strength, rigidity and plastering. Especially in the machinery manufacturing sector, in the automotive side industry, the surface is cleaned with acid as described.

High strength steels suitable for cold forming can be used in all applications that require high strength, high impact and fatigue resistance and require formability. These are also used in the production of LPG cylinders, pipe- profile manufacturing successfully. Structural steels are generally preferred for construction sector applications, especially in terms of their high strength, formability and weldability properties. Some applications are building profiles, roofing light poles, guardrails,shelving, racking and gas cylinders.